Our app is pretty easy to use. As we too started out from zero on we focused on how to create the easy to use experience and a clean and understandable user interface. We have users of all ages and based on their good feedback we sure made an app anyone who ever used a smartphone can use effortlessly.

To start using our app and join thousands of others who are currently using it – go to our waiting list and subscribe to our web app. After subscribing, you will be notified when the app is available for full use. We are currently testing the beta version and there is a chance you will be invited to participate.

When starting the app for the first time you will have the option to link your profile with our network in order to connect you with our other users. After logging in with you account you will get a unique ID that will lead others to your page. This will allow others to follow you and allow them to interact with your page. Make sure to browse through all the screens of the app in order to get familiar with the user interface and all of the functions.

On the first screen select the desired number of followers and likes that you would like to gain for your profile page. The “Stats” page of the app will display all of the daily activity, total number of followers and the total number of achieved likes. It is separated into categories showing daily, monthly and yearly statistics of traffic for your page.


This app will have everything you will ever need in order to monitor your followers’ activity and the amount of traffic your page has. Be sure to use the Stats page of the app in order to check how your page is received from other users. The increase in traffic shows you that your videos are gaining increased attention.

Expect a huge number of followers in the first two weeks from the moment you started using our app. Over time the number of likes and followers increases at a steady number and be sure to interact with them in order to keep the process of your page growth going. Be sure to follow other users and show them your appreciation with likes and comments too.

Most of all – Thank you for using our app and thank you for being a part of our community!