(Last Updated On: February 23, 2017)

Today we present to you our article about what Musical.ly is and we will show you how you can easily use it and of course, how it works. In short, Musical.ly is an online video community that allows its users to create and share short duration video files. It also allows its users to discover other users shared video content. These videos can be up to 15 seconds long and the best thing about Musical.ly is that it allows easy editing of the videos users upload.

It is one of a kind online platform that combines the best features of social networks while also being a kind of an online video and music sharing community. It has more than 100 million daily active users so it is a serious online service for an upcoming artist who wants to promote and share their talent with their audience and the rest of the world. More than 15 million videos are being posted and shared each and every day. A truly impressive statistic for such a young website. Musical.ly was founded in 2014 and it is already a big player in the social network market.

The real appeal of using Musically is in its ease of use and nice choice of customization of the video that users upload. In particular, once users decide that they record a video to show their singing or dancing skill they are predetermined to be at a maximum of 15 seconds’ duration and it can also be made to repeat in a loop. Similar to how Vine videos used to work, although Vine website service is no more. Furthermore, a separate audio can be added to the recorded video to add a unique touch to what is being played. There is a choice of filters and separate video effects that can be used to modify the look of users’ videos. Short video clips can also be modified to change their playback speed as is to the users liking.


Among other things, there is a feature that allows users to create simple but shorter videos that are called live moments which are in fact slideshows of moving pictures with music playing in the background. Another notable feature is the “remuse” function which uses sounds created by other Musical.ly users that create a whole new level of interaction among the users of the network. There are great features that further allow user interaction. We point out the “Ask a Question” feature which is pretty self-explanatory as well as a “Duet” functionality. They all serve the purpose of connecting all the different users and bonding them into a very friendly type of online sharing community.

One of the important aspects of the platform is the ability to follow and even add certain followers for duets in the video clips. As with all social networks, users can view profiles, interact with comments and likes and send private messages to each other. The trends functionality enables users to browse through currently popular themes and browse depending on the currently trending hashtags and content being shared and viewed the most.


The popularity of Musical.ly is growing exponentially and the best proof is the fact that many of the music industry superstars are already using the platform to promote their work and connect with their fan base. Celebrities using the Musical.ly include Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Shakira, Meghan Trainor, Jason Derulo, Daddy Yankee and Arianna Grande just to mention a few.  Even Coca-Cola created a viral campaign using Musical.ly to connect and advertise too. The best thing about the platform is that it launches so many of its users to stardom.  Regular users gain popularity until they were eventually featured in news, TV shows and even called by Music Records companies for contracts. So, this shows that there is much to gain when showing off your talent on Musical.ly.

Musical.ly online platform is accessed by a dedicated app available currently for Apple smartphones and tablets. Users can download the app from the official iTunes store page and start creating and sharing their videos. The app is very easy to use and offers a clean user interface.

When first launching the app, users are greeted with the option to create their profile page and after that is complete you are shown your own page where you can view your usage stats. These include the number of followers, likes and the number of people you currently follow. By tapping the middle plus/add icon you open a menu that will allow you to create your very own video. You can shoot using your phone or tablet camera or instead use an already made video you have stored in the memory of your device.

There is an option to add a separate audio file to mix with your video to your liking. After you choose the video and audio files you are presented with the options to choose the speed of both video and audio you combined. The choices include epic, slow, normal, fast and lapse settings. You just need to press the record button to start showing off your talent or your very unique skill set. Remember that your video clip can last for a maximum of 15 seconds at the time. You can stop recordings and add different segments as long as they all last 15 seconds combined. After you complete your recording you will be able to add hashtags that will help promote your videos. This will make your videos reach the trending page into a specific category your hashtags define.


Choose carefully what your hashtags are and even use other people’s hashtags and make same topic videos in order to boost your video views and gain popularity. After that is done you can add various filters that will enhance your video clips and give them that special look.

Browse the Trending category to see what types of videos are currently being most viewed and learn from that in order to gain an idea how to gain even more followers and likes. As always stay creative when making fresh content and most of all – be natural and be yourself. This way you are guaranteed to attract new followers and achieve popularity in no time.