(Last Updated On: February 15, 2017)

Being one of the hottest creative content networks right now, Musical.ly keeps growing at an incredible rate. Lots of users who started using it out of curiosity are now finding this talent showing network are finding out that it can even lead them to a life of an internet celebrity.

Musical.ly is currently the world’s largest creative platform that gives its users the ability to share their videos with friends and everyone else around the world. It is as easy as recording a short video clip with a phone and then uploading it online. Musically network then shows your videos to other people and you gain views and possibly attract attention to become a world famous creative artist.

We have made a list of tips you should definitely pay attention to in order to reach a large crowd of fans and make your video view count in the thousands. Follow them and you will get free musically followers in no time at all.


Define and design your content from the beginning

We start with the most important goal – defining your goals and making a project from the start to the end. By doing this you will write down your ideas and keep them as a reminder on what you wish to accomplish on Musical.ly. This is a powerful way to success. Start by writing down on what you want to show to other people in your videos. How do you imagine them to be? How will they make you unique? After you draft a concept – proceed to make a list of steps before making your first or next video if you already started on Musical.ly. Keep coming back to your list to gain focus and to remind yourself of what you wish to accomplish.


Be yourself – be unique. This is the best way to stand out from the crowd and gain attention from pretty much everyone else. This will help you gain a great amount attention on Musical.ly in a short period of time. Be as creative as you can when making videos and experiment to find out what type of content gains the most attention.

Follow lots of people and get free followers

This is a pretty important tip for anyone who is using any type of social networks. By following other you gain insight on how they use and share their content. On Musical.ly this will be your way of finding out how the users with the most number of followers gain success. Watch their most liked videos to see how to use their technique to create similar videos for your page. Interact with people that have a huge number of fans and this way attract some of them to your profile. Be natural when commenting so that people want to see what you have to share. Be friendly and positive and interact as much as possible with others. This will show your good spirit and commitment. Most importantly, be yourself and you will get so many followers on Musically, this way, for free.

Also try using our free musically followers app to jumpstart your profile, it will make a big difference if you have a solid follower base.





Spend a lot of time and effort

In order to gain fame and have hundreds of thousands of followers requires your total dedication and commitment from you. You must persevere and keep doing what you do even when things do not look like they should be going in the right way for you. Keep your focus and keep coming back your list of goals. As with all things in life, dedication is required in order to achieve success.

Spend your time in order to post as many videos during the week as you can. Interact with your followers as often as possible. Show that you treat them like friends and be their greatest fan. They will keep coming back to you, too. Like their videos and even share them, too.


Keep sharing your videos on other social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.Create a dedicated YouTube channel for yourself and link back to your Musically profile page. This will help you with reaching a much broader audience. Use hashtags on Twitter and Instagram to make your videos trending.

Make sure to post after working hours as people most often check Musical.ly after working time when they get home. If you are a teen, then post your videos at any time during the day. Research your potential audience and see when they are most active during the day and adapt accordingly. Do not give up if your page isn’t gaining attention fast enough. Everything takes some time to start and when it starts gaining momentum it becomes unstoppable in growth. Be optimistic and keep your focus.

Make fun and creative videos

The best possible way to get followers on Musical.ly is by making your videos unique and interesting as much as possible. Luckily, Musically made it easy to create and share videos. When you decide what, you want to record and share with the world there are some cool ways of making that video awesome. So, you want to show off your talent with others? Make sure to keep your smartphone or tablet steady when recording. No one likes a shaky video. Be sure to keep your device in a horizontal or vertical position depending on what you are trying to present and how much of the background you want to show. If you want to keep the focus on yourself then record a vertical video. If you have more subjects in your videos, then keep your device in a horizontal position to capture a wider field of view.

Make sure to use Musical.ly’s own filters to add a special look on some of your videos. See what the most followed people are using and do the same to your videos too. Use frame cuts to distinct the content you’re presenting. By pausing during the recording and changing position or settings you’re in can make for some very cool effects.

Remember that you are limited to just 15 seconds of video duration so make the best of it. Stand out with your talent and you will attract followers in the best possible way – by being your unique self.