About us

Hey there! We are a dedicated team of coders that make an awesome completely free Musical.ly followers app for our clients who require more fans and likes on the world’s largest talent network. We are proud of the fact that our work has helped so many people achieve fame and success. We started with the simple idea of helping people realising their dreams the same way we realised ours. Our greatest reward for our work and time spent on this awesome task is our users’ happiness and of course their gratitude.

What is unique about us is the fact that we too started on Musical.ly and saw the difficulty in the early days when the user base was developing too slow and not many people had a way of getting followed. Not to mention that their content did not gain any attention nor traction towards success. Frustrated with this fact we assembled a team of creative individuals – some coders and musicians – and decide that we want to change that and help others as well as ourselves.

After months of planning and designed we started developing our application platform and we are proud to say that from the start we choose to offer it to the world FREE of any charge. We do not have hidden pricing model and we do not intend to up the price like some competitors do. Our app is free to distribute, share and to use for people all around the world who use Musical.ly.


Our user’s feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and this has motivated us to improve and perfect and we’ve been constantly adding new functionality in order to improve user experience further. We are so proud to have over 100 hundred thousand users and counting to our resume and this shows in the best positive way on have we succeeded in achieving our goal.

Our mission and our ultimate goal are to help our users gain attention and success on Musical.ly hassle free and without any expenses. Our free app has helped them all accomplish just that.

We are so proud we made so many Musical.ly celebrities so join us and achieve and live your dream.